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How does Whisper guarantee 100% security of its messages?

With completely no basis on server, Whisper is the first blockchain social messenger app that is changing the messenger industry. Telegram may be one of the most highly sought after messenger apps for security. However, since its basis is on server, it means it's prone to hacking possibilities.

Whisper vs. Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram

What is the blockchain technology behind Whisper?

In addition to end-to-end encryption, Whisper is the result of a successful application of dynamic blockchain technology called Equilibrium using elliptic curve algorithm that uses asymmetrical cryptographic key for the users. What this means is every time you register, you don't register with your phone numbers or emails, or any personally identifiable information. You simply choose 4 digits and this will create a unique private key (like a super long code) that you will own yourself. This technology is called External Owned Accounts (EOA) and this ensures your messages are 100% safe.

Equilibrum (EQBR):

Equilibrium is a patented blockchain technology created by the team behind Whisper. By integrating this technology into Whisper to provide message deliveries as well as digital wallet capabilities (coming 2021 Q1), Whisper is headgearing as a pioneer in the blockchain industry in blockchain consumer technology and applications.

Whisper is now available on the app stores.

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